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I am 15,and i live in California..OhhHH yEeaaHh!!
Da bomB State!I was born in maryland.Which is pretty  
kick asS i haS to bE i was borN there ya knoW.
I like punK BuT i am starting to like 80s HardCorE better 
noW because maybe itS just Me but it seeMs punks getTing 
softer TheSe crazy days.WhEn i Go chattinG on 
The net i goto "" anD i gotO the 
music rooM whicH has somE cooL peoplE but its gottA 
lottA idiots alsO alot of marlyn manSon dorks..I hate him..
SorrY if u be liking hIm her whateveR..But thatS me the bombsheLl...

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