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News:: I really don't have any news, but that's not my fault, it's thiers. I have heard rumors of a possible new album coming out. Lets hope it's better than the last one. My brother just recently saw Rancid, and he was pretty impressed. He said Tim said something like "We're Rancid and we're one of the only few bands who haven't sold out". Right on. I guess they are right. I noticed the website is once again not working. I updated the bio, contact, news, and facts. I am still working on Pictures (Should be done by Thursday/Friday. The same for the links and the albums section). (09/26/01) Peace out.

Old News::I saw Rancid with Beastie Boys and it was a great show.ASIANDUBFOUNDATION played also and this was my first time seeing them, but they kicked ass.Rancid only played one song from their new album and the rest were classics. The beastie boys were awsome. WAHOOO Rancid is Touring with Beastie Boys..And guess whos going???? Rancid's new album came out..NO NO NO rancid did not break up,And there is no news really,they are coming to San Diego some time in January. But yes thier web site server is down..I think the site is gone..I'll gladly be there new homepage..ha.. Rancids new album will be out in early '98..Lint shaved his mohawk a spidery type tattoo thing done..Lars will be going to new york to help h20 make another album..IF YOU HAVN'T HEARD THEM..BUY THEIR CD THEY KICK ASS...!!!Rancid will be in new york soon along with beastie boys h20 etc to do the tibetian concert charity deal.. Well kiddies no real news right now.. Rumor is that a new album is gonna be out this summer,i'll check it out. They have released{its been realesed for a while}Demos from the Pit It has never realeased songs,and remixes and some of thier classics..GRRRRRRR in a recently released issue of SPIN magazine rancid was ranked best band #30 out of 40,ahead of them were such bands as No Doubt,Babyface,Bjork and Oasis...C'mon SPin be realistic...Rancid is much better!!!!!!

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Interview    with    Lars

"PP: Ok what the hell are you guys doing with a video on MTV? (laughter)

Lars: Ok well listen. We never did the video for it to be on MTV. We didn't really give a fuck where it went to. We basically did it to capture where we were at that time on film. We did it to have fun and we did it because we don't give a fuck. We like doing them...We're doing another one.

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