i have a friend 
                        her name is judy 
                shes the one with the ghetto booty
                          we may joke 
                        and we may fight
                but i know she'll always be there
                        through the good 
                        and the bad times
                    i cant thank her enough 
                        for all shes done
            shes always the one to keep me in line 
                 and make sure that i'm on time
                      at school or at play 
                   i can rely on her every day
                 she's there for a laugh a smile 
                     or to call on the phone
                       to talk for a while
                          she is there 
                  and hopefully always will be
                           thanx judes 
                   for all you've done for me 

					   Christopher V PW

Awwww how nice!

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