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Wow. Do you know I've had this site now for almost ten years? That's amazing, and almost unbelievable. I made this site at such a young age! I was given a copy of Op Ivy by my older sisters boyfriend, and I fell in love. I still think Tim Armstrong is totally fucking amazing, but obviously there is alot of recent news, and I'll start working on that right away. So if you see this, thanks for stopping by.

xoxo Judy 09DEC07

Hi, welcome to one of the oldest running fan sites. I have been up since '97 and I am just so damn special. I had a really old site running, it was very remedial. Then after all the complaints I received I decide to dust off the site and give it the boot. It was pretty bad let me tell you. I am not really into doing all that techie shit for a punk site, it's like cussing in a church. Oh wait what is that called, Sac-religious? Anywho very much getting off the subject here. It's hard to believe I once had green hair. But I did, and my favorite band "In the whole wide world!!!!" was Rancid. I swore I was going to marry Tim Armstrong and have his babies. And we'd eat food out of cans, trade plaid pants, and pierce each other(So don't be surprised if you realize this site is a bit more Tim oriented). Punk is not really a thing you can grow out of. Yes you can grow out of the way you dress, but "Punk" is like an attitude, and the attitude never changes. I still like listening to Rancid, or Minorthreat, or even the Teenidles. And who could forget Operation Ivy? So basically what I am trying to get to is to have patience with this page because I am updating it, and it's alot to update. I am pretty much starting from scratch except for the old pictures and such I have. So if you come to a link that doesn't work, be calm, I'll fix it. Sign my guestbook.

Fuck you, Judy

She She She She's a bombshell, oh yeah, She She She She's a bombshell.